Off to Manchester…

I’m headed off tomorrow to the 24th International Congress of the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine. The week long meeting is in Manchester, the spear tip for the start of the Industrial Revolution. Besides seeing some of the local historical sites and giving a paper, I’ll also visit the Jodrell Bank radio telescope. Finally, I’m curious as to what the ebb tide of history has left behind so far as the city’s music scene. When an undergrad, I was huge fan of many Manchester bands – New Order, the Smiths, the Stone Roses, and above all Joy Division.

After a week in Manchester, it’s off to Finland and some detox time – a Finnish lake, some clear liquids, a sauna, and some modern design.

Thanks for reading Leaping Robot…more to follow–

2 thoughts on “Off to Manchester…

  1. I’m a bit late on this, but I hope Manchester was fun. (Is the Hacienda still there…?). How was your paper? Hope to see you soon on the east coast.

  2. Hey! The Hacienda has become flats…there is some interpretative signage up to remind passers-by what once was. But we went to a club show that featured a former Hacienda DJ…and Peter Hook was – I kid you not – part of one panel on Manchester history.

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